#LunchtimeListens 019: Gilbey

It's tricky to know where to start when tasked with introducing the thoroughly Good Egg who goes by the name of "Gilbey". In lives gone by, he's been a choir boy, a sofa salesman, a photographer's assistant, a remix manager, and he has formally studied sound engineering. These days, Gilbey can best be described as half-man-half-myth-about-town. You see, even if you don't know Gilbey, you probably know someone who's got "a Gilbey story". He's the only person I've ever seen having a power nap (literally snoring) whilst standing up on a dance floor. Multiple long stories short, the dude's a legend. Heck, even his moustache is a legend. And his enthusiasm for music and good times is all part of the wondrous package that is Gilbey.

This particular mix starts drunkenly in a bar with a poem before whisking you off to Germany and beyond on a psychedelic journey that goes some way to describe Gilbey's approach to sonic adventurism. Listen up!