#LunchtimeListens 021: Grace Winteringham

As one half of pattern-toting research and design duo Patternity, Grace Winteringham has created an online resource of credited and tagged pattern-based imagery, designed all kinds of things from tights, tea sets and tables, to giant kaleidoscopes in Trafalgar square, and hosted talks and creative workshops for brands, institutions and museums. More recently the pair have been exploring more deeply the term 'design' and have become interested in how we can all design our lives and our experiences – from designing routines or practices to nourish the self, to selecting scents and soundtracks to stimulate the senses in both working and home environments. As Grace says in a recent interview posted on Habitat's blog, “we're into looking at design of the whole – not just individual objects”.

Music, then, has become an increasingly essential ingredient in Patternity's work. In recent years, they've curated festivals, Immersive Days and creative workshops where music and sound play a key part. They recently did a 'Jazz Marbling' workshop – where, Grace explains, “we explored the effects of jazz music on creative flow. Music and sound can take you to a place of productivity, positivity, emotion or memory – I listen to music all the time, it's a key part in helping me get into flow.”


1 Lay Me Down by Renee
2 Stepping Out by Je sors
3 Melodies of Love by Pink Rhythm
4 New World by Adrian Gurwitz
5 Ya Farhi' Bik by Ahmed Fakroun
6 Sore Lip by Ritual (Club Mix)
7 Sensación Melancólica by Carlos Cutaia Orquestra
8 Oya Oya Oya by Mim Suleiman
9 Precious Little Diamond by Fox the Fox
10 Power to Change by Marcus Took (V Occupy Edit)
11 Ivory by Kim Amachree
12 Today by Tornado Wallace (feat. Sui Zhen)
13 Afe Ato Yen Bio by De Frank Professionals
14 Hafi Deo by Tabu Ley Rochereau
15 Muizenberg by John Wizards (The 2 Bears Remix)
16 Beautiful Life by Gui Boratto