#LunchtimeListens 004: Barny Read

Barny Read is co-proprietor (along with Becky Nolan) of The Peanut Vendor, a mid-century modern treasure trove that doubles up as a delightful coffee shop on the south side of Victoria Park in Hackney. Of all my friends, Barny's genre-spanning record collection is the one I eye enviously more than any other. His groaning shelves sport hundreds of LPs spanning Jazz, Soul, Disco, Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop, Latin, Balearic and pretty much every uncategorisable, non-mainstream genre imaginable. In much the same way that he stocks his wonderful shop full of a seemingly effortlessly curated range of homewares and furniture that you didn't even know you absolutely have to fill your home with, so Barny has a similar knack for playing broadly eclectic, laidback DJ sets full of tracks that you can't get enough of. Bingo!

1 Grasshopper by J.J. Cale
2 Baby Come Home by Mark Barrott
3 Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong by Pharoah Sanders
4 Archaic Morning by Collocutor
5 Frozen Love by Buckingham Nick
6 Sunset Beach by Jack Adkins
7 Cloud Spa by Howie B & Dogie
8 Woman in my Dreams by Pousette-Dart Band
9 Gemini by Marcello Giombini
10 Are You Psychic? by Michal Turtle
11 I Won't Hurt You by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
12 For You by Barbara & Ernie
13 Mount Zero by Prop
14 Walk On The Wild side by Gerty Molzen
15 Nightmare Feeling by Richard Schneider Jr.
16 Ayooo by White label
17 Who by Odyssey
18 Life by Shirley Thomas
19 Follow Me Home by Dire Straits
20 The Fashion Show by Grace Jones
21 Busted Up On Love by Fiona Franklin