#LunchtimeListens 009: Karen Day

New York-based Karen Day is a globe-trotting design journalist, and editor-at-large. A devoted cheese fan, she loves burgers (she was Burgerac's New York correspondent), hates mayonnaise, has a cat-focused Instagram feed and digs good vibrations. During her time as editor of design and lifestyle site Cool Hunting, she put together playlists for clients that number Tanqueray, Bang & Olufsen, and Diesel, and she has contributed mixes to various music sites including The World's Best Ever. Karen also happens to be right up at the top of our 'favourite people in the whole world' list on account of being one of the most fun people to eat sandwiches and drink through the afternoon with.

For this LunchtimeListens session she played 27 hugely eclectic tracks in just over an hour – sandwiching the likes of Herb Alpert, Funkadelic, Ry Cooder, Three Dog Night, The Coasters, J.J. Cale, Fleetwood Mac and Hot Chip between Tim Buckley and South African producer Blinky Bill. Nice!


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