#LunchtimeListens 017: Rob Leggatt

Rob Leggatt has been a journalist, a music video director and is currently (in his own words) "a weaver of sponsored dreams", directing telly commercials to earn a crust while developing his own short film and feature projects.

When he's not directing or writing film stuff, Rob's bound to be playing a record, hunting a record, or enthusing about a particular record to his nearest and dearest. We've had the pleasure of hearing him DJ on various occasions, many of them at festivals, and there doesn't seem to be a genre he's not interested in exploring. He played a wonderful gospel-inspired set on Sunday morning at Glastonbury this year - and smashed the roof off not one but several late night DJ parties at Port Eliot down in Cornwall a few weeks ago.

His set for us includes tracks by Sopwith Camel, Ennio Morricone, Gil Scott-Heron, The Selecter, and a short skit by Mitch Hedberg on the topic of sandwiches. Tuck in!

1 A Sermon on Gluttony by Brother Denny
2 Slow Prisoner by Thor & Friends
3 Forge Your Own Chains by DR Hooker
4 Synthoponia (Leggattism Extension) by Sopwith Camel
5 Arrakis Walk by Paul Atreides
6 2069 A Spaced Odessy by US69
7 Mongoose by Elephant's Memory
8 Svolta Definitiva by Ennio Morricone
9 Promises by Monophonics
10 You Don't Have To by Onra & Quetzal
11 UnUniversalParaLosDos by Oktoberclubben
12 Work For Peace by Gil Scott-Heron
13 Baby Batter by Harvey Mandel
14 Discotheque Special by Chopper
15 Hung Up On My Baby by Issac Hayes
16 Bubble Sex by Tommy Seebach
17 The Selecter by The Selecter
18 Sandwiches by Mitch Hedberg
19 Make me Believe In You by Melba Moore