#LunchtimeListens 016: Roo Walton

Roo Walton is a man of many talents. He's multi-skilled in the ways of the visual artist, expert in the realm of the carpenter, and a bone fide ninja when it comes to vinyl hoarding and tune selecting. His music collection, both physical and digital, spans the genres and decades and over the years I've heard him play soul, hip hop, techno and also Turkish psyche which, I admit, I didn't see coming. But what I'm trying to say is that his love of music is the kind that is 100% inclusive and the very nature of being a digger means he'll always play stuff in his DJ sets that you've never heard before. Just to see the look on your face. That's what being a music enthusiast is all about. 

For his two hour LunchtimeListens set he played records by artists including The Kingstonians, Junior Murvin, Mickey Moonlight, Canned Heat and The Gospel Soul Revivals. LISTEN UP!

1 Hold Down by Kingstonians
2 Feeling Happy by The Apostles
3 Fi Jamique by Fadoul
4 Express Yourself by Byron Lee & The Dragonnaires
5 Martha Cecilia by Andres Landero ySu Conjunto
6 Hally Gally by Desmond Chambers
7 Dance and Cheer by Shar Habeel
8 Piani by Jo Tongo
9 Somebody's Watching You by The Sacred Four
10 If Jesus Came by The Gospel Soul Revivals
11 Blue Cigar by Midnight Sister
12 Roots Train by Junior Murvin
13 Tom The Peeper by Act On
14 Black But Proud by Reverend Louis Overstreet
15 El Fenn by Ammi Mislayenne
16 El Disco by Khamis Henkesh
17 Black Pepper by Yoruba Singers
18 Interplanetary Music by Mickey Moonlight
19 A Gira (Tribute edit) by El Peche
20 Born To Boogie by Steve Watson
21 Ohue (Frankie Francis & Simbad edit) by Victor Uwaifo
22 Lowrider (Spanish version) by WAR
23 Fancy Manby Devendra Banhart
24 I Shall Sing by Judy Mowatt & The Gaytones
25 Poor Moon (Bonus Track) by Canned Heat
26 Brainwashedby The Kinks
27 Big Chief by Dr John & The Donald Harrison Band
28 Spanish Rose (Remastered Bang Records Session) by Van Morrison
29 Haters by Biz Markie
30 Ca Va Chouia by Manu Dibango
31 Jamileh by Ihsan Al Munzer
32 All Night by Romare
33 I Know Him by Holy Disciples
34 To Move On by Alex Izenberg

Gavin Lucasreggae, Soul, Disco, World, Eclectic